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Interdisciplinary research at the interface of Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, and Biology.


Responsive Chemistries

Synthesis of stimuli-responsive moieties and macromonomers for sensing and response to endogenous signals in disease and injury.

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Structurally Dynamic Materials

Control of shape-changing peptides and polymers at the molecular, macromolecular, and/or higher order level. Introduction of 4D behavior into previously inert materials.

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Bio-integrated Devices

Fabrication of soft, flexible platforms that provide quantitative feedback for disease surveillance and treatment.

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Links that may help with a variety of research related topics including purification of lab chemicals and information about polymers

Subgroups in Our Lab

Primary Areas of Interest



This subgroup studies the chemical synthesis of new stimuli-responsive moieties, macromonomers, and their polymers.

Materials Characterization

This subgroup investigates material properties at the molecular, macromolecular, and higher order levels. We characterize the chemical behavior and mechanics of our structurally dynamic systems.


Device Engineering

This subgroup designs and fabricates bio-integrated devices for biomedical disease surveillance and/or treatment. Key efforts include encapsulation of electronics and labile chemistries, surface labeling with responsive polymers, and quantitative analog and/or digital readouts.

Translational Studies

This subgroup investigates translational aspects of biomaterials and assembled devices through in vitro tissue culture and in vivo animal studies. Additional efforts involve application of our materials to 3D bioprinted tissue/organ mimics.

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Lab Space


October 2023


Carlini Lab prior to renovations ca. Spring 2022

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