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Open Positions

We are currently recruiting our first members with experience in:

synthesis, materials, engineering, electrical/computing, and/or theory/modeling


Please see available positions below:

July 2022 (start after)

Graduate Student (PhD / MS)

Current graduate students at UCSB interested in any of the following subdisciplines are encouraged to apply:


  • synthesis, materials, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, electrical/computing

  • Co-advising of students at UCSB outside of the Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry are also encouraged to apply

Note: please do not apply if you are not already admitted to UCSB

June 2023 (start after)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prospective postdoctoral candidates with a PhD in Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, or related field are encouraged to apply.

  • Preference for candidates with extensive experience in piezoelectrics and/or piezo-resistive materials/devices.

  • Please have advisor(s) reach out

  • Job Description:

    • fabrication and testing of surface-functionalized piezoelectric devices with organic polymers synthesized by our group

    • design and management of Carlini Group device fabrication and piezo-testing stations

July 2022


The Carlini Group seeks interdisciplinary research collaborations with faculty at UCSB and other institutes. Areas of research are, but not limited to, polymers, biomaterials, and sensors/devices.

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