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Welcome to the Carlini Research Group!

Structurally Dynamic Biomaterials and Devices

The Carlini Research Group focuses on breaking down barriers between endogenous biochemical signals and exogenous soft materials for the fabrication of smart devices. We aim to revisit biomedical problems that remain shockingly unsolved, by integrating structurally dynamic chemistries and biomaterials into autonomous sense-response-feedback platforms.

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Our interdisciplinary work can be broken down into three research areas:

1.  Synthesis of stimuli-responsive moieties and macromonomers for sensing and response to endogenous signals in disease and injury.

2.  Control of shape-changing peptides and polymers at the molecular, macromolecular, and/or higher order level. Notably, introduction of 4D behavior into previously inert materials.


3.  Fabrication of soft, flexible platforms that provide quantitative feedback for disease surveillance and treatment.


Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9510

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